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"The Loop" Wins Book Excellence Award for Suspense Fiction!

I am overjoyed to announce that my debut mystery thriller, The Loop, has been recognized as a Book Excellence Award Winner in the Suspense Fiction category!

The Loop tells the tense and heart-pounding tale of Gallagher Finch, a debut author battling addiction and writer's block, who awakens on his birthday to find a call girl viciously murdered in his home. The mystery behind her murder might just be the story he has been dying to sell, but when he becomes the main suspect in a loop of blood, lies, and deceit, he discovers the truth behind fiction might be enough to put him behind bars, or worse... in the ground.

Out of thousands of books that were entered into the Book Excellence Awards competition from all over the world, The Loop was selected for its "high quality writing, design, and overall market appeal."

Published by JPM Publishing Co. in 2019, The Loop is available in paperback and on Kindle (FREE with Kindle Unlimited!).

See why readers are getting wrapped up tight in The Loop. Read the rave reviews on Goodreads!

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